Who We are

Ramona Walker, B.B.A.


Ramona Walker is retired from a very productive career in the health care industry.

After earning a degree in Business Administration, Ramona took her skills in finance and accounting into the health care arena, first in a hospital setting and then in the specialized context of blood-banking. She rose through the ranks at the San Diego Blood Bank, serving as Comptroller and CFO. For more than a decade, she was Chief Operating Officer of the Blood Bank, and ultimately took responsibility as Chief Executive Officer, leading the organization for twelve years. As CEO, Ramona led a period of strong growth at the Blood Bank. Under her skilled leadership, the donor base was increased and financial reserves were ensured. As a non-profit organization, the San Diego Blood Bank has an annual operating cost of $36 million, employs more than 300 staff and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of more than 20 volunteers who provide broad business and professional expertise. Ramona built the Blood Bank into a national leader in the industry and a member of America’s Blood Centers, designated as the Southern California Area Emergency Operations Center in the California Blood Bank Society’s Disaster Response Plan. She also participated in strategic planning for the blood banking industry at the national level. As Ramona led the San Diego Blood Bank through its growth over the past decade, she capably forged strong community ties, earning much respect among San Diego leaders. Her significant experience leading a large non-profit organization will be critical for the early stage growth of Quench and Connect.