Funding Promising Bright Students with the Costs for Tuition

Secondary school in Uganda encompasses a four year curriculum at “O” or Ordinary Level, and then students take national examinations to test into “A” or Advanced Level study. Only the brightest students are admitted to the final two year “A” Level program, to study a curriculum that will prepare them for tertiary education. Based on test scores in national examinations after “A” Level, students are ranked for admission to university. Less than one-third of students who qualify for university education have funds to attend university. Quench and Connect will identify promising bright students from project schools, and seek funds to send these students to one of the 27 major universities in Uganda. Scholarships will cover costs for tuition, housing, food, medical coverage, school supplies and living expenses. (Undergraduate degrees are awarded at Ugandan universities after a three year course of study). Quench and Connect has awarded university scholarships to these students:

Ssenkaali Godfrey
Uganda Martyrs University
B.A. Degree

Kayongo David
Makerere University
B.S. Degree

Kilili Debo Roy
Makerere University
2018 -