Our Mission

To connect with schools in Uganda, and to improve student achievement by providing clean water and educational tools for success.

Provide Clean Safe Water and Educational Tools that will Significantly Increase the Academic Achievements of Students in Uganda

Quench and Connect will provide a borehole water well to schools to improve the health of the students and to save valuable study time that is otherwise spent fetching water. At the same time, Quench and Connect will organize and execute fundraising, donations and collections from individuals or philanthropic organizations in the United States to provide items needed by selected Ugandan schools. Specific needs will be identified by the principals of each school, to meet their particular academic goals. The collection and donation projects will offer American citizens and students a first-hand experience in making an international connection, fostering global awareness. 

Quench and Connect is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting schools in Uganda. Recognizing that health and good education are primary tools to lift a population out of poverty, the mission of Quench and Connect builds on two pillars: 
-- to provide clean safe water to students
 -- to provide educational tools that will  significantly increase the academic achievement of the students