Who We are

Nicholas Polytaridis is Sr. Director of Business Strategy and Operations at Biofourmis, in Boston, MA.

Nicholas Polytaridis works as Sr. Director of Business Strategy and Operations at Biofourmis, a global leader in virtual care and digital therapeutics. In his role, Nicholas leads strategic partnerships and business operations for the company.

Nicholas earned a Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego, where his personal passion for improving human lives was forged. This set the stage for his entry into the field of healthcare technology where he spent the last 20 years contributing to companies such as Biosite (now owned by Abbott), Gen-Probe (now owned by Hologic), Dexcom, and Biofourmis. In 2019, Nicholas earned his Executive MBA degree from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. For his capstone project Nicholas and his team spent six months consulting with a non-profit medical device manufacturer that was developing neonatal CPAP breathing-assist devices for medically underserved areas in India and East Africa. From this experience, he developed an interest and passion for improving the standard-of-living in third-world nations. Nicholas is a talented young professional, a father of three children, and a master ‘organizer’ in both of these roles. Quench and Connect will benefit from his energy as a member of the Board of Directors, particularly from his skills in strategic planning.

Nicholas Polytaridis, B.S., M.B.A.