Who We are

Lynn Holt is a Senior Clinical Research Associate with LGHolt Associates, LLC.

As a CRA, her role is to monitor clinical trials from initiation and evaluation to protocol implementation including management, and finally to site performance and compliance. For over 35 years, Lynn has accumulated broad expertise ranging from experimental laboratory toxicology to clinical monitoring research. She has worked for several pharmaceutical companies including GlaxoSmithKline and Novovax and has a special expertise, at the national level, regarding the efficient monitoring of key clinical trials, which is essential to bring new drugs to market. The list of drugs that Lynn lists in her therapeutic skills set is long, including those use to treat a wide range of diseases such as asthma, COVID-19, RSV, AIDS/HIV, gynecologic disorders, and schizophrenia.

Lynn also has much experience with non-profit organizations serving as a volunteer or on the Board of Directors for four non-profits. She learned about one of these non-profit organizations while earning her M.S. degree in Global Health from Northwestern University. In 2022, she executed her capstone project in Uganda, working with the medical director and clinicians at the Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO) in Kabale. Her work there was to help develop a diabetes clinic as part of a non-communicable disease outreach in the region. From her graduate work, Lynn observed the challenges in health care in developing countries, especially in Uganda. She joins the Board of Directors of Quench and Connect with a personal knowledge of the needs of Ugandans that has now turned into a passion to help the country.

Lynn Holt, B.S., M.S.