Who We are

Richard May is a founding partner of American Working Capital and the managing partner of AWC Advisors.

Richard works with American Working Capital, a merchant bank focused on privately-held middle market businesses where he provides financial advice and strategic planning services for acquisition of growth equity capital or planning of ownership succession. Previously, he was Managing Director with Duff & Phelps, LLC., founder and President of Valuemetrics Advisors, Inc., and partner at Technology Management Inc. He has over 40 years of both advisory and transaction experience working with privately-held corporations. He also serves on the Board of Directors for two retail corporations in Oklahoma.

Dick’s expertise is broad, first earning an undergraduate degree in computer systems design at Purdue and then his master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His first job was with Boeing Company where he designed control systems for Boeing’s parts manufacturing and assembly operations. In most recent years, his interest and passion have focused on growing board-based employee ownership of U.S. companies, for the benefit of their workers, families and communities.

Dick May is an avid cyclist who clocks a hundred miles a week, with no hill or mountain being too tall. He has physical and mental energy that allows him to create, achieve and excel. He brings a broad knowledge of the rigors required to grow and sustain successful businesses. His special skills are a critical addition to the Board of Directors of Quench and Connect as it grows from a small non-profit to a larger sustainable humanitarian organization.

Richard May, B.S., M.S.