Who We are

Harry McFadden is a retired physician who practiced Family Practice Medicine for more than 35 years.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to Quench and Connect concerning the impact of clean water on health of individuals and local communities. He earned his M.D. at the University of Nebraska, and trained as a Resident in Lincoln NE. During his career, he worked in several medical groups, helping to build two groups, increasing physician staff and expanding clinics. He has trained medical students, residents and nurse practitioners in the extensive medical applications of Family Practice. His medical knowledge is broad and diverse. He served on advisory boards at several hospitals, on the Board of Directors for the Lion’s Eye Bank, and was the Chairman of the Department of Family Practice at Methodist Physicians Clinic in Omaha NE. Despite a very heavy professional schedule, Harry always participated in community activities, remaining alert and aware of local custom and culture. Perhaps one of the most interesting strengths of his background is the fact that, in the early years, Harry was part of a small practice in a small town in central eastern Nebraska called Nebraska City (current population = 7200). His experience from those years gives him a unique personal perspective on health care in non-urban areas, including those of the developing world. This experience will also help Quench and Connect assess health outcomes from installation of boreholes at school sites.

Harry E. McFadden, M.D.