Who We are

Carolyn Field is Commercial Leader – Digital Health Solutions at GE Healthcare.

Carolyn Field is senior executive at GE Healthcare in California where she has managed Lifecare solutions encompassing Critical Care Monitoring, Telemetry, Non-invasive Cardiology, Mobility platforms, and the AI platform ‘MURAL’. Her skills are in both nursing and healthcare management as evident in her past roles ranging from Executive Account Manager to Senior Client Director to Mentor for Corporate Leadership. She has done clinical consulting to help clients digitize patient data and improve workflow efficiency and patient outcomes. Carolyn is comfortable and extremely competent working at the interface of business and healthcare. Her resume outlines 30 years working in healthcare sales and consulting.

Carolyn was raised and educated in Australia finishing her Registered Nurse program with High Distinction, with further training in nursing management, critical care, infectious disease, and naturopathic medicine. In 2000 she moved to the U.S., recruited through the Key Talent Pipeline at GE. As is true of many Australians, Carolyn has a strong interest in international travel, and has visited many countries including Uganda. Her experiences in Uganda have stayed strong as fond memories. When she learned about Quench and Connect’s projects in Uganda, she was fascinated because she had seen personally the challenges that rural high schools in Uganda have with no piped water. She knows the devastating effects of drinking contaminated water. Carolyn will provide an important connection with for Quench and Connect with healthcare leaders.

Carolyn Field, R.N.