Who We are

Barbara Samilson is retired educator, formerly Principal of Point Loma High School, a public secondary school in the San Diego Unified school district. This experienced educator has worked as a teacher for many years, and has a broad perspective on education. She has been a classroom teacher at the elementary and middle school levels, and had administrative experience as Principal of the Ray Kroc Middle School before becoming Principal at Point Loma High School. Throughout her career, she devoted time to mentoring new teachers, and new school principals, because of her passion to promote quality education.

This educator, “Bobbie” as she likes to be called, is energetic and innovative and fostered innovation and excellence among her teaching staff. For example, she implemented a program called ‘Light Speed,’ supported by the San Diego Unified school district. This initiative will reform education in schools by introducing digital processes for traditional teaching tasks, such as general instruction, tutoring, student-teacher communication, and parental involvement. The vision is to prepare students for the 21st century as ‘passionate lifelong learners’.

Bobbie has received numerous teaching awards including ‘teacher of the year’, ‘mentor teacher’, civic association award of merit, and the prestigious EXCEL award. In addition, she is involved in community activities, supports international outreach through programs such as World Vision, and has participated in an educational service trip to Malawi. She is well-aware of the huge contrasts in the levels of education between western countries and developing African nations.

Barbara Samilson, B.A., M.S.E.A.