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May 2014

Science Teaching at Gayaza Cambridge College of St. Mbaaga

After Quench and Connect provides a borehole to a school in Uganda, and as soon as students’ health improves, then our next goal is to work with the teachers at the schools to identify needs for tools to enhance teaching. We were fortunate late last year to receive a grant of $9465 from the VWR Foundation, a philanthropic arm of a science supply company here in USA, for science teaching tools at Gayaza Cambridge College. This outstanding secondary school, located 70 km outside the capital city of Kampala, has an excellent academic record, ranking 19th in the district out of 322 schools. But students did not perform well on the science sections of the national exams since teachers could not offer science laboratory instruction. In 2012, we received donations of science materials for this school from Ward’s Science/VWR, including small equipment, molecular models, anatomy models and microscopes. In September 2012, the school started teaching science for the first time. Last year, the grant from the VWR Foundation was used to purchase laboratory reagents, science textbooks and nine computers for the Gayaza school! As you can see in the pictures, this school now has a functional science laboratory, and a computer laboratory, which is located in the library, near the science textbooks. The outstanding science teachers at Gayaza Cambridge College (secondary schools in Uganda are sometimes called ‘college’) have made good use of the items provided by Quench and Connect. This year, in the national exams, their students performed very well in the science sections and every single student passed the biology section for the first time in the history of the school. And just this month, the Head Teacher Mr. Ssewanyana Gerald tells us that Gayaza Cambridge College was ranked 6th in science exam scores out of 322 schools in the Wakiso District, which is one of the strongest districts in the country. The ranking was featured in the New Vision newspaper in Kampala. Many congratulations to the teachers and students at this school for their hard work and high achievement!! The students in Gayaza send their thanks and smiles to those who donated science teaching tools to their school!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”---Margaret Mead

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