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The area now is stable and at peace, and ~500 students are currently enrolled at the school. The academic challenges are still great at Gulu College after years of civil unrest, and Quench and Connect will now work to help them rebuild their teaching infrastructure. The students and teachers at Gulu College thank you for clean water at their campus!!

In April, we went to Gulu to see the well. The students and management planned an official dedication of the borehole, and entertained us with an all-day celebration including presentations by the Head Teacher, one of the founding teachers, and the Head of the PTA, as well as a delicious lunch of local Ugandan food, and, of course, student performances. The students are so grateful to have this borehole well right there on campus. Now they can get on with their studies since they no longer will be sick from drinking contaminated water. Also, the teachers told us that having the borehole brings prestige to the school and, now, many parents in town are hoping to send their children to this school. Gulu College is a private secondary school located in the Layibi Division of Gulu Town in Uganda. This high school was the first private secondary school in the Gulu District, established by five teachers who had a vision to improve academic standards in this war-torn region of Uganda.

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May 2012


With your generous donations from last year, in March of this year, we were able to drill a borehole water well on the campus of a high school in northern Uganda. The students at Gulu College now have clean water to drink. The borehole was drilled to the aquifer and water is now piped to the surface in a sealed pipe that is connected to a hand pump. Unlike their previous unreliable water pipe, the water cannot be contaminated, and the supply is uninterrupted since the water is brought directly from the aquifer. The clean water will also be shared with members of the community.