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Education of children is the key to lift a society out of poverty.

Quench and Connect is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting schools in Uganda.

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Water is essential for health.

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In 2000, world leaders at the United Nations announced their Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the world and, next to poverty and hunger, education was highlighted as a clear priority. The group recognized that education is key for the well-being, health and economic level of individual humans. The MDGs focused on school attendance since reaching a certain level of education is an accomplishment that is retained throughout an individual's life. Recently, the effect of education on the ‘macro’ scale, i.e., the economic growth of a region, has been analyzed*. The results showed that education positively affects economic growth, and these data can now be used to model projected effects for developing nations**.

Although real progress has been made in primary school enrollment and completion (now at ~50% in sub-Saharan countries), the Millennium Development Goals 2010 Report states that the MDG goal of universal primary education cannot yet be met in most poor nations, and the United Nations has extended the target date to 2020 to achieve this goal. At the secondary level, the challenges are even greater. Impoverished nations that are farthest away from new technologies profit most from increased and stable educational structure. Education of children translates into improved human work force, and the long-term benefit to the local society is undeniable.

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